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New FPPI Products for 2010

The popular, full-floating clapper check valve is now available in an orifice check for pump systems and The GrooveFit® family of products expands with a 6" Grooved outlet manifold.

Check Valve with Orifice for Pump Systems

Our popular, full-floating clapper design is now available in an orifice check. A 3/32" orifice provides adequate pressure drop in the sensing line without allowing unnecessary pump starts due to major pressure fluctuations in the 1/2" line.

Part No. Description Box Qty.
06-860-50 Swing Check Valve 1/2" with 3/32" Orifice 10

GrooveFit® Family Expands with 6" Outlet Manifold

In response to our distributors' successes with the growing GrooveFit® family of products we are continuing to expand the program. Now joining our many grooved check valves, hose valves and smaller outlet manifolds, our 6" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" outlet manifold is also available with a fast, grooved connection.

Part No. Description Box Qty.
09-107-00 6" GRV x 2-1/2" MNPT x 2-1/2" MNPT Straight Manifold 1

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